Introduction to piano playing (free lesson)

Aug 25, 7pm (CEST time) @ZOOM

Learn the basic piano techniques from a classically trained piano teacher 🙂 For beginners and all who want to learn. Individual coaching.
This lesson is to give you some basic tools to start playing the piano. Also if you are not so much a beginner but would like to revise the technique or consult an experienced teacher, this is a good lesson for you.

Ill explain use of the hand when we play, the correct use of fingers and wrist, exercises for each of you individually to make your technique and playing better and easier (and with less strain!).

I will also explain the note system , explain how basic sheet music works and go with you through some simple songs.

I will also explain to you HOW to practice and what the best ways are to tackle some problems we encounter when playing.

This is a group class (max 6 people) /on ZOOM (online). Due to relative small group you will get individual coaching. The class is free from charge.

Hope to see you in my class!  Cheers, Sandra 🙂

WHEN: 25th of August 2021, 7pm Netherlands time (CEST)

WHERE:  ZOOM (link via registration link below)


For more info on piano lessons, please send an email to